Our Congregation is organized around a very active and involved
Congregation Council.  Twelve council members share responsibilities for
ministry.  Our Committees are Border Area Mission Ministries, Outreach,
Learning, Youth, Worship and Music, Fellowship, Stewardship and Finance,
Property, and Mutual Ministries.  The council members serve as Ministry
Chairs with committees operating under them as needed.  Pastor and other
staff are available as resource persons for all ministry committees.
Areas of Ministry
Border Area Mission Ministries:
Outreach evangelism, support and
supplies for those in need, Missions
Ministry for servant event groups,
meeting space for local organizations

Outreach: Ministry to lead all spiritually
within the church and to reach others
with the Gospel.

Learning: Encourage and promote
educational activities within the

Youth: Seek to develop youth with faith,
courage, and vision to be disciples of
Jesus Christ and to share their gifts.
Worship & Music: Plan and assist in
meaningful Worship services, with all
of the areas necessary to this end.

Fellowship: Provide opportunities to
strengthen ties of faith and commitment
among the family of God.

Property: See to the proper
maintenance and protection of all
property of the congregation.

Stewardship and Finance: Provide
opportunity for each believer to serve
God with the time, talents, and treasure
which God has given.  Oversight of the
financial affairs of the congregation.
Committees of the Church
Our Savior Lutheran Church
Mutual Ministries:  Handle issues and be a base support for
staff and for the congregation, a channel of communication
between the congregation and the administration of OSLC.  

I write as one who is to be an 'equipper of the saints'.  In short, that means
that a pastor is not the only one that does ministry.  All of us are called to be
ministers- to do the work of God.  A pastor is called to train and build up
others for ministry. The following pages are intended to help inform you of
places you can get involved in ministry through our congregation.

Obviously, this is only a very short list of the total number of opportunities
that you have.  When you are at work, when you are at home, when you are at
play--all of these area are places where God calls you to act.  We act in word
and deed.

May God bless you as you serve Him by serving others.

Pastor Steve
Many ministries interweave and often serve more than one purpose.  
For instance, the HOMBRES meet for regular Bible study (learning),
enjoy dinner (fellowship) and carry out projects to help in various
ministries (social concerns and outreach).

Get involved!