Committee for Outreach
Our Savior Lutheran Church
The Outreach Committee is responsible for congregational and outreach evangelism, striving to
stimulate and lead all members in concerted and continuous endeavors to reawaken the
spiritually indifferent and to reach others with the Gospel and attach them to Christ's Church.  

Congregational outreach is ministering to each other at Our Savior.  Outreach evangelism is
reaching out to those in our surrounding community as we meet the needs of people with the
message of the Gospel, that Jesus Christ is our salvation.

Stephen Ministry: Stephen Ministers are trained to provide one-to-one caregiving to those in need.
They use both words and deeds to express Christ's care for others--listening and comforting,
calling on the training they have received. Who needs this care? Every day we see people who are
hurting: those who have lost a job, lost a loved one, gone through a divorce, or are battling a
terminal illness.

Communion to Homebound:  It is important that those unable to come to church have the
opportunity to receive Holy Communion on a regular basis as well as a visit from a member of Our
Savior.  Communion is taken on the first Sunday of each month.

Dorcas Ministry:  This ministry is to those who have had a death in the immediate family, been in
the hospital, sick at home or some other health related problem.  The members of the committee
usually respond to the need for meals, transportation or other need.

Hospital and Homebound Visitation:  When it is known that someone is in the hospital or is
homebound, Pastor or someone from the congregation will make a visit.  If you are interested in
this ministry (or in any of our other area of ministry),
ask how you can be of service.

Prayer Chain:  Prayer is our most powerful resource.  Prayer Requests will be kept confidential
unless you want them to be in the Sunday morning prayers.  New intercessors are always
welcome.  We can email the list to you if you are out of the area for a significant time.

Loss Support Group: This is for anyone who has suffered loss.  This could be a loss of a loved
one, separation, divorce, loss of job, or just that you feel you might have gotten lost.  We meet as
needed.  Services of Healing are also offered the third Thursday of each month.

Publicity:  Notices of upcoming events and special occasions are placed in the local media.

Our Savior Lutheran presents a week of music, Bible stories, and crafts  for children. Come join
the fun usually in June.  Stayed tuned for details.