Worship With Us
Our Savior Lutheran Church
The Worship and Music Committee is to (1) lead the congregation to a more effective worship of the Lord
by planning worship service, seasonal services (Advent, Easter, Lent, etc) and to bring creative ideas to
the worship experience, and (2) oversee the music program of the church in order to improve, enlarge and
administer all areas of music ministry to the glory of God.  This committee coordinates with the Pastor for
unity in the worship services.  They are responsible for all activities relative to music and worship,
including lectors, acolytes, ushers, communion assistants, and communion set up and clean up.

Altar Guild cares for the altar area and the furnishings, including the altar, communion ware, paraments,
vestments and linens.  They are responsible for communion set up and clean up, purchasing wine and
bread, advising the office when supplies are low, changing paraments, laundering and upkeep of
communion linens.

Banners serve to remind us of the season or occasion with their colors and designs.  This committee is
responsible for banners including maintenance and construction of new banners and changing banners
as the seasons dictate.  

Communion Assistants offer the cup of wine to those who come to the altar for Holy Communion with
Christ.  It is a moving experience to share at the Lord's table in this capacity.

Lectors reads the lesson.  The Word of God in Holy Scripture has always been a major element of
Christian worship.  

Ushers  make the worship experience a favorable one for all worshippers.  

Sound and Projection System Operators make sure we all hear and see everything.  Learn the sound
control panel, cameras and power point presentation, all or part.

Volunteers are needed in all of these areas.  Tutorials are available!  

Music Opportunities

sings almost every week during services and at special events.  The choir meets every Wednesday
evening at 6:30 pm for rehearsal from December through March.

Hand Bell Choir  We rehearse Mondays at 6:30 p.m., under the direction of Connie Laumann, during the
winter season.

Praise Team sings and plays at the Blended Service at 9:30 am.  Voices and instrument players are
welcome!  We rehearse at 7:30 pm on Wednesdays, except during the summer. Play an instrument?  Join

Instrumental Music enhances our worship experience.  If you are interested in a performance of special
music, contact the Director of Music.

Annual Polka Worship Services are held each January on the last Sunday of the month in the Living Faith
Center.  Come and sing Christian lyrics to the familiar tunes.

Annual Gospel Worship Services are held during the winter.  Special songs, singers and instruments
make this a wonderful worship experience.  

Come now and worship,
Come now and worship the Lord!
(Sung to the tune of Beer Barrel Polka)

In January, a new survey measuring the health of the congregation was taken at OSLC,
providing feedback like where are we in mission, how are we spiritually growing, how do we
welcome our neighbors and what are our growing edges as a congregation. Here are the results:
The church council conducted a Worship & Music survey asking for feedback around the
blended service, Sunday School, adult ed, and church worship times. Here are those results: